Turkish steam bath


  • 50 oC steam bath
  • Scented with Mint or Eucalyptus!
  • Mint of Eucalyptus geur!

In the traditional Turkish Steam Bath the temperature is 50 oC. The atmosphere in the steam bath is warm and humid. This opens the pores of your skin, speeding up the elimination of toxins. Relative humidity is 100%. In this humidity the body is less able to cool off by perspiration. As a result this bath feels extremely hot. The air is scented by evaporating invigorating Mint or Eucalyptus.

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The deep penetration of the infrared radiation in this sauna has a positive effect on muscle pain, joint pain and arthritic conditions, but the radiant heat also benefits your heart and blood vessels and your cholesterol levels.

It is better for your eyes if you refrain from looking at the infrared bulbs too long. Pregnant women and people with a plate, pin or pacemaker are advised not to use this sauna.

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