Uniek in Europa: Sauna Theater


Sauna Theater

Welcome to the Sauna Theater!

Take a seat and let yourself be taken into heart-warming stories. In the Sauna Theater, senses play the main role and every pouring is a fascinating wellness adventure. A magical experience.

The first Sauna Theater in Europe is in the heart of Thermen Soesterberg. A grand and unique experience where wellness and theater meet. Here, all the senses are at the first rank. Every pouring is a real show; a story that stimulates, surprises and touches.



The Sauna Theater has room for no less than 180 guests who experience the ultimate wellness show at the same time. Our own pourers - and guest plumbers from all over the world - take 'the audience' into heartwarming stories, in a place full of surprises.

The theater and ahead in technology. Light and sound shows bring the stories to life and stimulate the senses at every level. A LED screen of more than 4.5 meters wide takes the guests to new worlds and dimensions. Every pouring show is a new story and an unforgettable experience.

Treat your senses to a totally new and ultimate wellness experience.

Welcome to the Sauna Theater!

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