Maa Sauna

  • 110° Celsius.
  • Dry, soft warmth.
  • A boost for your health.
  • A authentic sauna experience.

Go back to the origin. Discover the Maa sauna, an authentic Finish experience like it is meant to be. Therefore we call it the origin sauna. Or ground sauna, as Maa is Finish for ground.

The Maa sauna was originally build half underground, hence the name. That is exactly what we did here at Thermen Soesterberg. The sauna is half submerged in the ground and partly in the natural shore that surround our wellness resort. This gives you a particular secure feeling. But it brings more.

The soil ensures that the heat in the fire-wood Maa sauna is kept inside the sauna in a natural way. The Finish Kelo wood with which we build this sauna reinforces this effect once again. This is how you experience an optimal and especially comfortable sauna climate. You will feel a dry, soft and healthy warmth while the temperature can reach up to 110 degrees.

Experience the beneficent power of a particularly original sauna and give your health a boost! 

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