Panorama Sauna: our conversation sauna


Aufguss sauna

  • 85° Celsius
  • View of natural swimming pond

The Aufguss Sauna, a solid beamed sauna overlooking the beautiful swimming pond, has a temperature of 85 oC. The Sauna Master conducts regular Aufguss sessions here. Water containing essential oils is poured on the heat source. The invisible evaporation of the water that is released from the heat source is wafted throughout the sauna using towels. As a result the humidity rises. The Sauna Master uses different wafting techniques to spread the heat to the guests. Aufguss sessions often involve a theme, with which the Sauna Master creates a wonderful wellness experience. Aromatic scents, music, a story or coloured lights increase the intensity of the experience.

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Natural cooling 

After an Aufguss session in the Aufguss Sauna it is of utmost importance to cool your body. Thermen Soesterberg has the perfect natural cooling process namely in a natural swimming pond. This swimming pond is unique because it does not contain any chlorine or other cleaning matters. The water is being purified on a biological way. 

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