Thermen Soesterberg: Dutch champions in Aufguss


Pouring Sessions - Aufguss

The Pouring session, also called Aufguss or Löyly, is a sensational experience and is a must for any sauna aficionado. The Aufguss sessions are performed by our sauna masters.

Various Aufguss sessions take place each day; guests may participate in these free of charge (based on availability). The Aufguss sessions take place at set times in the:

  • Crystal sauna
  • Sauna Theater
  • Aufguss sauna
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During the pouring session, the sauna master pours a large quantity of water containing essential oils on the heat source. This releases water vapours, which the sauna master wafts through the room by flapping and waving a towel. The humidity in the sauna rises and the sauna temperature feels warmer and more intense. The increased humidity and intense heating of the skin causes the body to sweat more and blood circulation in the skin is optimised. A sensational experience for body and spirit!


The duo aufguss session is performed by two sauna masters. In the theme pouring session, our sauna masters will surprise you. A different theme aufguss session is performed each day, with different scents, colours and sounds.

  • Dutch Champion Aufguss

    In 2017 Thermen Soesterberg became Dutch Champion Aufguss at the AUFGUSS NK