What is Aufguss WM?

What happens during the Aufguss WM?
The Aufguss WM is the World Water Aufguss Championship, in which the world’s best sauna masters compete for the title of World Water Aufguss Champion. Each sauna master will be assessed by an international jury on various aspects, including theme, aromas/dosage, and towel flapping techniques. There are two categories - singles and doubles. In the singles category, one sauna masters carries out the aufguss. In the doubles category, there are two sauna masters involved, as the name suggests.

What is a themed aufguss?
During the aufguss process, a sauna master pours water with essential oils on a hot heater. The towel flapping motion helps to spread the heat in the sauna cabin. The resulting air flow causes the insulating layer of air around the skin to break, and the temperature in the sauna feels extra high. A traditional aufguss lasts around 15 minutes. Themed aufgusses are performed during Aufguss WM. These are aufgusses that are centred around one particular theme. Each sauna master conceives their own theme, which they then use to put together an aufguss and present it to the international jury and guests.

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Who is taking part in the Aufguss WM?
There are singles and doubles taking part from no fewer than 20 countries, including Poland, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Canada.

When does the Aufguss WM take place?
The Aufguss WM takes place in week 38, from Tuesday 19 to Saturday 23 September 2017. The definitive programme will be published as soon as possible.

Where will the Aufguss WM be held?
This year’s Aufguss WM will be held in Thermen Soesterberg in Soesterberg. The aufgusses will be held in the brand-new Thermen Soesterberg aufguss sauna.


The sauna has various show elements, such as LED screens, laser lighting, a music installation, and much more. As a result, the sauna is the perfect location for the aufgusses of the Aufguss WM!

Can I attend the Aufguss WM?
Of course! Book here one of our special Aufguss WM package deals NOW and don’t miss any part of this spectacular event!