Hotel Tips

Hotel tips

To enable you to get the most out of the Aufguss WM, we have made a selection of the finest hotels located near to Thermen Soesterberg. This means you can enjoy a good night’s rest nearby, either during of after the Aufguss WM. 
You can book your room directly at the hotel of by internet.

Hotel Kontakt der Kontinenten
Near Thermen Soesterberg, but only a few rooms available.

Fletcher Hotel - Soest
The Fletcher Hotel is 15 minutes away, in Soest.

Stayokay Hotel - Soest
Stayokay Soest is located 15 minutes away. 

Van der Valk Hotel - Amersfoort
Van der Valk Hotel is an ideally situated hotel in Amersfoort, just a 15-minute drive away

Hotel Kasteel Kerckebosch - Zeist
Accommodation in a luxury castle! Just 15 minutes away from Thermen Soesterberg

Hotel van der Valk - Leusden
Van der Valk hotel Leusden is only 20 minutes away.